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Friday, 27 May 2011

Beautiful Short Summer Hairstyle 2011

Beautiful Short Summer Hairstyle 2011

For those seeking individuality and style there are many hair cuts out there. It is  hair cuts to keep in mind that some hair cuts look differently on different facial shapes. There are a few different facial shapes. There are round faces, square faces, oval faces, long faces, and heart faces.For rounder faces it is important that you remember a few important things. Avoid short, curly hair        

Blouse Saree Designs

Indian women have been experimenting with saree blouse designs since ages. From being just a saree accessory, blouse has come to being a fashion statement! And with all those creative minds of fashion designers working day and night combined with the fashion consciousness of modern women, saree blouse designs have gone all bold! With halter necks to bare backs and from noodle spaghetti straps to one shoulder blouse and even shoulder less tube blouse- Indian women now want all bold blouses.

Hot Japanese Tattoos

Hot Japanese Tattoos

While the art of Japanese tattooing, or irezumi, is said have continued for a hundred centuries, the introduction of the Buddhist faith to Japan discouraged its widespread use. The Chinese, who brought Buddhism to Japan, abhorred the art of tattooing, and their influence made its way to the upper classes of Japan.

Celebrities Tattoos

Celebrities Tattoos
Every one of us agrees that Celebrity Tattoos are the reason for popularity of the tattoos. Without them, they would never be known to the public. Even though tattoos were seen decades back, it has gained importance and recognition when celebrities started adoring them.More than it being popular, it became a highly controversial subject when women tattooed their favorite designs.

Latest Ladies Undergarments

Latest Ladies Undergarments are cloths worn next to the skin, usually under other cloths. It is sometimes also termed as intimate clothing. Flatter your figure with our chic yet elegant under garments.

Bollywood Party Wear Saree

Bollywood Party Wear Saree
This page is contains Latest Bollywood Party Wear Saree and all about Bollywood Party Wear Saree,Party Wear Saree,Bollywood Saree,latest Bollywood Saree,Bollywood Sarees. 

Latest Chignon Hairstyles

Latest Chignon Hairstyles

When you are going to party, would you want your appearance at the party interesting? No wonder so many women who will be busy preparing your appearance. Your hair looks to have a big hand, let alone you have long hair. You no longer worried about it. In this modern era more and more hairdressers are increasingly sophisticated in their resolve your problem. Various kinds of long prom hairstyles that can make you beautiful at the party.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs

These Mehndi Designs are made using a paste created from leaves of the Mehndi plant, Lawsonia Inermis, which have been ground into a powder. The dye in the powder, called Lawsone, attaches effectively to the keratin in fingernails and skin. Mehndi also is used frequently as a hair dye.

Latest Dragon Tattoos

There are many designs and colors that you could get, as well as deciding on a place on your body to put it. These are some ideas about Latest  Dragon Tattoos .
Some people have gigantic Latest  Dragon Tattoos  that cover a lot of their body, generally on their back. This may not be as big of an American thing, but it is common to people with Latest  Dragon Tattoos. It is very pretty, but it would take a very long time and be very painful. Dragon tattoos tend to be pretty large, and are very pretty and intricate. There are a lot of web sites where you can browse different Latest  Dragon Tattoos designs. There are so many different designs that you can get, that it can be hard to choose.

Back Tattoos in UK

Back Tattoos in UK
ther areas to have tattoos that are popular with ladies are on the hip, navel, shoulder, chest and stomach. These are also sensual areas and this increased popularity along with the lower back area shows that ladies want to demonstrate their sensuality, but without it being too visible.

The current fashions in clothes allow lower back tattoos to be shown off at their best advantage. If you have a tattoo and you are wearing low cut jeans or a crop top, the tattoo can almost appear as if it is in a frame.
Symmetrical tattoos always look the best on the lower back. This is where the design is a mirror image across the spine.
My name is Jonny Rae and if you have found this article interesting I run a blog which features the top websites with the largest number of tattoo art designs you will find on the web. Come see me and let me know what you think?

The most current in style lower back tattoos are:
Angel Designs – Angel tattoos project a forward thinking belief in life and it is believed that when a man wears an angel tattoo the he likes the ladies!. You can look at this as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether he is your man or not! LOL
ther cross designs that are popular are the Celtic, Egyptian or Russian cross and look especially good in the centre of the lower back.
Dragon Designs – Dragon tattoos are very popular and look great as a lower back tattoo especially when they are big and are wrapped around the body with their wings spanning across the lower back and breathing fire up the spine. They actually signify authoritative, fierce, and liberated personalities. The designs today are fantastic with lots of intricate details and combined with Chinese calligraphy will look fab!

tar Designs – The popular trend for star design lower back tattoos is to have them placed in the centre of the lower back or on the hips. As these designs are small they can be discretely hidden.If it’s a Nautical star you are after it’s history can be traced back to sailors who used it for navigation who believed it guided them home safely, but generally star designs symbolise a strong attachment to something and have become popular today with many different groups to affirm their own particular belief, idea or’s a lower back tattoo that you are after, then you are someone that wants to portray a sensual or erotic side to your personality while being able to have it discretely hidden.

Cute Angel Tattoos

Cute Angel Tattoos

Tattoos have become quite popular these days. There are different kinds of tattoos that have become popular. First of all you need to select the part of your body where you want to have the tattoo. These things are popular among men as well as women.

Body Art Sexy Tattoos

Body Art Sexy Tattoos
This page is contains Body Art Tattoo Designs and all about Body Art Sexy Tattoo,Body art tattoo,women body art tattoos ,latest body art tattoos . 

Body Art Sexy Tattoos

Body art is very broad term which includes ear piercing to a funky tattoo, painting or you can say everything related to skin decoration. Today there is a craze among college students especially to get a funky tattoo done. Having a body art done is a means to express themselves and their individuality.

Besides piercing and tattooing body painting is growing in popularity as a body art form. Body art tattoos treats human body as a blank canvas, and beautiful crafty colorful pictures are drawn on it. Although this artistry may not be your drawing room’s show case they are still splendid.

Body Art Tattoo Designs,Body Art Sexy Tattoo,Body art tattoo,women body art tattoos,latest body art tattoos.

Latest Asian Hairstyles

Latest  Asian Hairstyles
Here we will discuss about some common and at the same time happening bang styles. The bang styles, which we will be discussed, are mainly variation of bob and long bob cut. Blunt haircut now becoming very popular and with addition of some special bangs student’s blunt cut of previous years evolved dramatically.1.Blunt Bangs: Just remember the haircut of Cleopatra. It is the ancient form of blunt bangs. This kind of hairstyle is so much stylish and especially for those who can carry them off brilliantly. It is done in a way, which is just below the eyebrow and fringes are done covering the forehead maintaining the same length. Locks are cut precisely straight across from side to side.

The length is up to the neck portion. Chinese hairstyle is like this kind of haircut. Plain, silky hair with medium density can have this cut.
2.Side swept Bangs: This is a haircut, which is gradually textured and generally extended shorter part to longer part. Hair of one side is brushed to sweep across the forehead. So this cut is called side swept.
3.Parted Bangs: This is a modified version of blunt haircut.

Parted bangs are very much like the simple blunt haircut but the change is done introducing a partition which is gradually placed either in the middle or slightly to the side. Generally long blunt cut look very good if a partition is added in this haircut.4.Choppy Bangs: it is also a modified variation of blunt haircut. It has a scissor cut look and then textured for a choppy look. Choppy locks provide an increased depth to the facial features. Thin hair.

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

menopause can also play havoc with skin. Deeper wrinkles, puffiness & dryness are just some of the problems exacerbated by hormonal changes during this time.
During menopause, levels of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone rapidly decline leading to accelerated skin ageing,’ says aesthetic surgeon Dr Jonquille Chantrey. ‘Collagen and elastin levels deplete dramatically, so you get sagging and deep wrinkles .

Skin Care Tips

‘The construction of skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid and oil also drops, causing dryness. Plus testosterone becomes more dominant, so some women may suffer from acne and facial hair .
More than half of British women are unaware of the impact the menopause has on thei
skin, says a new study from healthcare company Allergan. But experts believe these menopause effects can be limited, if we act in advance.

Skin Care Tips

‘Starting a maintenance program in your early 30s is the biggest investment you can make for your skin,’ says Cannes-based surgeon HervĂ© Raspaldo, who treats celebrities. ‘You will look younger in your 50s and 60s, and may never need surgery.’
Treatment of the week: The relaxing 15-minute treatment that’s ‘equivalent to three hours’ sleep’
Get a brand new body for £20! Who needs surgery when underwear works miracles?
Here, we’ve asked experts for their best tips on keeping your skin looking younger for longer when menopause looms:

Beauty Tips in UK

Beauty Tips in UK
Make sure that you check your foundation colours on your jaw line. Many people check the colour on their wrist or hand which different from the colour of your face. In larger department stores always ask for a tester first, so that you can go home and try it out in natural light and see if it’s really the right colour before you buy it.
Women should heat their eye lash curler with a hairdryer before they use it. Its a great tip for curling your eye lashes but always make sure that you don’t over heat and never forget to check the eye lash curler isn’t too hot before placing it anywhere near your eyes.

If your nail polish is drying out and getting quite clumpy add a little bit of nail polish remover or white spirit to make it normal for use.
Women can use Eye shadows as eye liners. Now you don’t need to buy colours for both. Just use a thin wet brush and dip it into your eye shadow and apply as an eye liner.
If you are going to be having heavy eye make up for parties or functions, apply your foundation afterwards as eye shadow will drop on your face during application and it is best to wipe it off before you apply your foundation. In this way, you can easily fix any mistakes occured during the application of eye makeup.
Many girls and Women are facing the problem of dark circles under their eyes so if you have dark circles under your eyes it is better to stay away from using black mascara on your bottom eye lashes as it will only emphasize the dark circles.
As you get older avoid using powder eye shadows as they will tend to collect in your lines. So women above 35 should avoid powder eye shadows to hide their age.

If you’ve been messy applying your nail colour and have managed to paint half your fingers then simply dab a cotton bud in your nail polish remover and take the nail polish away from where it is not mean to be.
Always use lip balm or any other mosturising cream before applying lipstick especially if its matte. Matte can dry out your lips so it is best to ensure your lips are completely moisturized.
Don’t be afraid to experiment these Beauty and Makeup Tips. Use your eye blushers as eye shadows or eye shadows as blushers or even your lipsticks as blushers. At the end of the day if it looks right, then it probably is right and most importantly Drink as Much Water as you can to Protect You Skin.

Nice Sexy Lingerie

Nice Sexy Lingerie  will always help boost one’s self esteem so take a peek at Victoria’s Secret The Little Book of Sexy Lingerie collection and select the lingerie designs for you!It seems that Victoria’s Secret has managed yet again to develop some amazing sets of lingerie for The Little Book of Sexy collection. It is absolutely amazing how much the right sexy flirty and comfortable lingerie can make a difference for your self esteem as well as your love life.  

Sexy lingerie has always boosted the confidence level and created a certain feeling of comfort and being comfortable and feeling sexy in your own skin is the best thing for a person.Along time lingerie styles have transformed and have adapted to the modern world; innovation in designs have allowed the development of new wonder bras which lift the breasts and create the illusion of a bigger bust.

Women have always been interested in obtaining a fabulous cleavage as it helps boost sexiness and Victoria’s Secret bras definitely help you obtain the flawless cleavage of your dreams.

Silk Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Silk  Anarkali  Salwar Kameez is a dedication from fashion industry towards one of the dance forms of the ancient India. The dance called mujra was famed during the time of Mughal rule. Legendary dancers at the stronghold of the Mughal kings danced for the kings’ laughter. So, the dresses worn by the dancers were known as mujra dresses which slowly came to be known as Anarkali dresses or Anarkali salwar kameez in the memorial of the great dancers.More than the dance, it is a tribute to the famous courtesan and dancer, Anarkali, Prince Salim’s Lover. Her dresses were profligate and embroidered with the best embellishments of the time. Pristine pearls, original zari and zardosi work, semiprecious stones and much more found a special place on her Silk  Anarkali  Salwar Kameez . The dress was stitched so that it enabled her to twirl and dance easily and beautifully at the King’s judges.

Anarkali dress has an emperor waistline which tightens just below the bust line and flows into a voluminous skirt. It looks gorgeous on women of any age group. It is intended to make a woman look curvaceous and glamorous. Available in many materials right from royal georgette and raw silk to simple cotton, Silk  Anarkali  Salwar Kameez is one dress that is a must have in everyone’s wardrobes.

Anarkali Silk Salwar KameezWorn with a matching or a contrast dupatta,Silk  Anarkali  Salwar Kameez  is often paired with a churidar or leggings as per the choice of the wearer. It makes the lady look slimmer and hides any extra muscle that may be present. Best for plus size women as you are bound to look slim and smart in this beautiful Silk  Anarkali  Salwar Kameez .

Bollywood Hot Sarees Fashion

Bollywood Hot Sarees Fashion

Bollywood Hot Sarees is the right place to learn styles and fashion statements, especially about Bollywood Hot Sarees . It is the numerous saree styles in Bollywood that attracts woman towards them. Whether it is the color, print, designer blouses, work on saree or the draping styles, Bollywood Hot Sarees have always been in rage. In fact, they are quite famous among the ladies for stylish look and a touch of glamour.

Bollywood Hot Sarees Fashion

It is the style of dressing in the Bollywood that people are always concerned about. Not just this; sarees have always been a talk of the tinsel town.Bollywood Hot Sarees Each film creates a new and exclusive fashion statement. Beautiful Anarkali suits are always in Bollywood Fancy Silk Saree fashion. It started from the legendary film called Mugal-e-Azam. One of the most beautiful Madhubala started the trend and it’s still in demand on wedding functions and special affairs. Young girls love to wear them with costume jewelry to give a very ethnic and traditional look. Rekha is famous for her beautiful kanjeevaram saris.Bollywood Hot Sarees Sari as an attire has never looked so elegant yet sexy.

Bollywood Hot Sarees Fashion

Her heavy border sari with lot of work on it looks beautiful. Bollywood Hot Sarees worn by her is a fashion statement. Lot of women prefers silk for wedding functions. Work like resham, zari, gotta, thread are the most common.Block buster film Hum Apke Hain Kaun actress Madhuri Dixit started the trend of backless blouses with saree and heavy embroidered blouses. Aishwarya Rai in Devdaas created a history in Bollywood Hot Sarees  fashion. Heavily embroidered saris with use of sari resham silk, brocade giving a very rich look to the sari.
Sarees have been known for their exclusivity because of the materials used in weaving them and the kind of work done on them that is rarely available. Some of the fabrics that have been a hot favorite among fashion designers for making stylish Bollywood sarees are chiffon, silk, georgette and crepe. Each and every fabric mentioned here has its own importance. Chiffon, georgette and crepe Bollywood sarees enables the women to look slimmer and hugs the body well; while, the silk sarees from Bollywood are known for their royal appearance.

Hand on Feet Mehndi Designs

Hand on Feet Mehndi Designs

Thus one of the most effective ways out there to beautify your feet is through the application of henna, or mehndi! Fundamentally, there are two main types of mehndi to choose from, namely the white henna and the black mehndi. In terms of style and designs, you have three major variants to choose from namely the Indian mehndi, the Pakistani mehndi and the Arabic mehndi.

Hand on Feet Mehndi Designs

Wondering how to do mehndi designs for feet beautifully? Worry not as this article would help you answer your how to mehndi designs questions. Firstly, you need to be able to have your mehndi ready with you. For this purpose, you could either purchase ready-made mehndi, or proceed to make your own natural henna.

Hand on Feet Mehndi Designs

mehndi leaves and grind them into powder first. Next, you would need to put the powder into a bowl that would not stain (or a disposable container), and add a little bit of jasmine oil as well as boiling hot water into the bowl. If you need your mehndi to stay fresh for long periods of time, a little bit of lemon or lime juice should be added.
The addition of other items such as coffee powder and tea powder would help make your mixture darker. All you need to do is to mix all the ingredients together until the mixture looks like toothpaste. Next you would need to close the container and store it in a cool, dry place for at least two to three hours.

Stylish Mehndi Designs

Stylish Mehndi Designs
Tattooing may have been practiced for centuries but it gained popularity only in the 21st century, to be more precise over the last 40 years. It is no longer restricted to the traditional worn by the tribes but it has now been able to spread its charm among people of different age group belonging to different strata of society.
Depending on their social position people make their mehndi tattoos. While women prefer certain types of mehndi tattoos reflecting their nature, those preferred by men are completely different.

There are huge numbers of people who seem to be looking for mehndi tattoos that are symbolic or have a very personal meaning to them. This has given rise to unique forms. The best mehndi tattoos designs in fact are which are unique and ingenious.

With the changing fashion trends the mehndi tattoos designs also keep changing continually but the best mehndi tattoos designs are those that survive not only the test of time but also the tacit test of fashion. Some of the best and most popular designs are star tattoos, angel tattoos, floral tattoos, animal, Celtic, bird, Chinese, kanji, biker and black and grey tattoos.

Choppy Hairstyles for Girls

Choppy Hairstyles for  Girls
Most people today want to make an argument with their looks and while some achieve this with tattoos or piercing, still others choose stylish yet shocking hairstyles and also the latest rage amongst these different types of haircuts are getting an Choppy Hairstyles Fashion .The word Choppy, which is an abbreviation for Choppytional is dependant on the music of the 1980?s referred to as emcore. Choppy music was a cross between punk rock music and melodic tunes that included lyrics with strong Choppytions. Most Choppy artists and followers were recognized for their black colored clothing and chic hairstyles. Choppy hairstyles really are a huge part of the Choppy culture that has developed over the years and is then a lot of people today to make a fashion statement.

The essence of Choppy hairstyles (also called scene hairstyles) is to be in a position to express you creatively and also to be able to show individuality. Many people mistake it to be a sign of rebellion but it’s not so. are easily recognizable for their characteristic long bangs, dark hair with bold highlights, asymmetrical lines and cuts. The typical choice for base colour of the hair is almost always black, though sometimes it could be a dark brown.

The color black should really be a representation of their Choppytional attitude. There are numerous choices for Choppy hairstyles for girls with short hair.With regards to selecting a base hairstyle for choppy haircut, there are lots of options. Some popular ones are graduated bob, layered haircuts or scene hairstyles. You are able to go with short asymmetrical bob hairstyles, by cutting the head of hair at the nape of the neck shorter and longer in the sides of the face. You may also go for some layered short haircuts, and flip the head of hair ends outwards. Make sure you accompany choppy bob hairstyles with side bangs, to balance the look. You can part hair at the sides, and then focus on hair to cut them layered.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Makeup Tips for UK

Makeup Tips for UK
If you don’t use foundation we recommend you acquire one which suits your skin type. You’ll see how your skin becomes totally uniform, with your face ready for the color to go on!
If you already use foundation, try using corrector (if the product is light enough) over the foundation, to add light to your gaze. Smooth it out with your fingertips to remove excess product. You’ll be shedding off the years!

Try out a different color eyeshadow, one that brings out the color of your eyes.
Change your mascara and your gaze will change
If you’ve had the same mascara for over three months, then it’s time for a change. Acquire a different one, unless you are really pleased with the one you have. Try out one which lengthens your lashes, or thickens them, and remember to always double-layer it.

Are you putting the blusher on correctly? Follow the shape of your cheekbone to get it right, smile and apply the color with the brush, then blend it with a loose powder brush (normally thicker than rouge ones), for a natural finish.
And –why not?- unless your skin is very rosy, put on a touch of pink rouge (you can also use a pale rosewood color shadow) in the center of your cheek. This’ll automatically bring a different touch to your look.
Smile with gusto:
If you never wear make up on your lips: -start now! Which color will flatter you most?The one closest to the color of your lips, in a darker or lighter tone.Put transparent lip gloss on. This is very fashionable and is perfect for daytime make up.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sexy Bra Style

Sexy Bra Style
This page contains all information about Sexy Bra|Sexy Bra Style and all about Sexy Bra|Sexy Bra Style ,Bra Style 2011 ,Bra Style designs ,Bra Style fashion 2011 ,latest Bra Style fashion.
Every single bra style is a staple item in many woman’s lingerie collection.

These are the most known styles, that will add sexiness to your breasts. Each and every one of them will give you more confidence, and some even makes your body look a lot better without the need of a breast surgery. And if you want to expand your lingerie collection, buying different bra styles design is worth the money, because when you’re getting dressed, having a perfect bra style fashion 2011 that fits with your outfit, will make you stand out even more. Don’t forget that following is just a short list of the, most known sexy bras. You can always find a different style, that works better for you.

- Balconette Bra: The balconette bra style is also known as balcony bra. The balcony bra is designed to solve a fashion conflict. I’m sure you all had problems with your low cut neck tops, exposing your bra cups. Well, balcony bra style fashion 2011 is a great choice for wearing under these kinds of tops. Plus it provides you support from the bottom up and creates an amazing cleavage. Since it will give you a natural up lift, because of the design, the ones who have small or sagging breasts can’t go wrong with a classic balconette Latest bra style fashion.

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