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Monday, 23 May 2011

Women Henna Fashion

Women Henna Fashion

can be similar to regular tattoos. Tattoos have been in existence almost as long as humans have and contain a wide variety cultural meanings and significance. But there is no question that while tattoos are accepted today as a form of artistic expression.

There are still some negative connotations associated with conspicuous tattoos, especially in the professional world. Usually a neutral look is attractive in business and tattoos are usually far from neutral. Henna tattoo designs are a cool way to try out having a tattoo, because they only temporarily stain the surface of the skin, not underneath it causing permanence.

People of Pakistan and India have used henna designs in an art form called Mehndi to decorate their skin for generations. These cultures and surrounding cultures have used henna designs to decorate large social functions such as weddings or other celebrations.
Henna designs typically have an eastern flare related too them since they originated in India, but they are popular in the western world now at fairs, on beach boardwalks and at tattoo parlors for customers who do not want to commit to permanent ink.
Henna tattoo designs are created by grinding henna leaves into a paste and sometimes mixing it with other chemicals to achieve different pigments or levels of strength. The strength of the paste will determine how long your henna tattoo designs stay visible on your skin.

Henna designs can last a few hours or even as long as a month depending on how the henna paste is made. It is not uncommon at all to see henna designs used in real tattoos that are permanent, since the curvature and detail of the art is usually very visually striking. Most henna designs are either in black, or a very dark color and look more striking with lighter skin tones.


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