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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Latest Anarkali Fashion

Though Indian fashion on the world map many times becomes identical with gorgeous Indian Saree, day-to-day Indian fashion is still about soothed and current trends put together. And therefore, Salwars are becoming the more dominant style declaration of current times.With the Indian fashion scene always getting influenced by Bollywood fashion, the current trends in Salwars also now show the Bollywood effect.

Latest Anarkali Fashion
Though chic and smart Churidars and Patiala suits still hold the ground as Indian women’s daily wear, Anarkali suits have become the biggest fashion find and most preferred style statement of recent times. Anarkali suits not only provide elegance and feminine appeal to the wearer, it perfectly combines the elegant silhouette of a skirt and the sensuous cut of an evening gown. Anarkali suits usually come in flowing materials, which allow the frock-like style (below the bodice) to have a free flow.The current crop of top Indian designers do not shy away from experiment with varied fabrics and as a result Anarkali salwar suits now are designed around a good-looking array of crepes, georgettes, silks, cottons and brocades to get that perfect ethnic look. You match a crisp Churidar bottom and a grand Dupatta to any Anarkali Kurti and what you get is an eye-catcher for all occasions.


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