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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Designer Ghaghra Choli or Lehenga Choli

Designer Ghaghra Choli or Lehenga Choli
Since ghagra cholis are for formal occasions, the look is very sophisticated. The materials used to make designer ghagra cholis are usually silk, satin, chiffon, georgette or net. Today, brides prefer to flaunt a balanced look of modern and traditional that is more fashionable.

Designer Ghaghra Choli or Lehenga Choli
Some brides even go in favor of a mix and matched outfit for a flamboyant look. Short cholis with intricately embroidered ghagras or lehengas are the current trends making the rounds right now.Women in India as well as abroad prefer wearing exclusive bridal lehengas and ghagras to parties or on their wedding day.
Designer Ghaghra Choli or Lehenga Choli
Considering this, it is hardly surprising to see fashion designers including lehengas in their collections each year. Designers have come up with several innovations in ghagra cholis in recent years. Styles and pricings vary according to the effort that goes into the making of a ghagra choli set.
Designs in silk, raw silk, cotton prints, georgettes , tissues and chiffons are in high demand. Hand worked sequins, beadwork, zardosi, crystals and embroidery in complicated patterns give a ghagra choli its one-of-a-kind look. The more complex the design, the more handwork is needed.

Designer Ghaghra Choli or Lehenga Choli
Elaborately decorated bridal lehenga cholis are a reflection of Indian culture. They enhance the beauty and elegance of the wearer. The blend of conventional and modern designs serves to highlight this beauty even more. The designer ghagra cholis are tailored in a grouping of plain cloth, printed materials, textures, embroideries, rich colors and fabrics to suit any kind of occasion. The vibrance of the finished product is the reflection of the excellent craftsmanship of Indian artisans and also reflects the high spirits of the nation when it comes to celebrating any event.


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