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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Girls High Heels Shoes

Nowadays, there are several kinds of girls High Heels Shoes .Platform Heel – a shoe with a platform heel has heels that run from the toe of the shoe to the heel. In other words, it has a thick layer of heel. The Spice Girls, a popular girl band in the 90?s, were one of the reasons why platform heels became a worldwide sensation.

Wedge Heel - wedges are similar in form with the platform heel. The only difference is that that the heel area is shaped like a wedge.Stacked heel - from the name itself, stacked heels give the illusion of thin layers of wood are stacked to create a flat wedge or high heel for the shoe.
Spool Heel - spool heels are shaped to a wide top and bottom, while the middle section of the heel is narrow.
Stiletto Heels – One of the most popular kinds of heels, stilettos are shaped like a dagger. Its heels are thin and pointykinds of shoe use these different kinds of heels . These are the most popular and in style shoes today.


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