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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

The trick is to learn which colors look better on blue eyes, and start with those, and then branch out with the colors that you are personally drawn to.If you have fair coloring and light blue eyes, you need to stick with lighter colors, as darker or more intense colors will over power your eyes and you will look very made up. If you have darker coloring and darker blue eyes you can get away with the more intense shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
Women have a unique ability to choose colors that are complimentary to them. Just because colors are suggested doesn’t mean those are the only colors suitable for you to wear. While there is no single eye makeup color that is considered best for blue eyes, there are several eye makeup colors that will show off your baby blues.
There are several colors that seem to be made for blue eyes.For you with blue eyes, you can choose icy pinks, silver, gold and violet. You can have more such as taupe, gray and other purples such as lavender. If you are so fair that you have blond or very light eye lashes, you would most likely be better off to stick with brown mascara and eyeliner, as the blacks will be too overwhelming.
If you eyelashes are naturally dark you can wear black eye liner and mascara – always follow mother nature’s lead. Dark blue (think navy) mascara and eyeliner is a good alternative to black and not only gives a slightly softer look, it can really emphasize the color of your eyes.


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