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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Ankle CareTattoos in USA

Ankle CareTattoos in USA
I get a lot of people asking me, do ankle tattoos hurt? My answer to them is, well all tattoos hurt a little, but it really depends on what you consider painful. While it is true that ankle tattoos may hurt a little more than other locations, it is far from being the most painful location. Most of my clients describe the sensation as being like that of a scratch. It may also “burn” a bit but that will be more uncomfortable than painful. Most of the pain associated. One of the biggest factors in pain is the size of the tattoo.

As a general guideline, the bigger the tattoo, the more painful it will be. However, this should not dissuade you from getting a big tattoo. The pain will be no worse than a sunburn, and will go away after a few days. And, with the right design, the end result will be well worth the experience. Ankle tattoos are very delicate, so once you are tattooed, you’re going to want to make sure you follow a good care regimen.For the first couple of days after getting the tattoo, the area tattooed will be a bit sore.

This is normal, and it is nothing to be concerned over. The pain will be minor, and will go away soon. Your job during this next week is to keep away from 2 things, sun and water. While its okay to shower, be sure to avoid letting the tattoo soak in water for very long. Baths are out of the question. Also, sun can damage the tattoo in the early stages, so avoid prolonged exposure as well. However, when going out, wear sandals instead of socks. The rubbing of the socks will cause discomfort, so its best to avoid socks all together for the first week. Also, make sure to be using a good moisturizer every 2 hours. I personally recommend either Curel or Lubiderm to all my clients. The moisturizer will keep the tattoo looking good for years too come, as well as greatly reduce any pain left over from the procedure.


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