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Monday, 23 May 2011

New Bra Style For Girls

New Bra Style For Girls

Women and their obsession with lingerie are a well known phenomenon. The fascination that women have for lingerie and the constant need to own more is beyond explanation. However, few women pay attention to practicality when they buy a bra.

They look more to make a fashion statement than give their breasts much needed support.When buying a bra, the most important thing that you must first look for is comfort. A bra which is correct for you can never feel uncomfortable. Not at the back, not around the breasts or anywhere else. Make sure the breasts are covered by the bra, do not spill out from around or beneath it, and most importantly, that there is no cloth that is superfluous once the breasts are ensconced in the bra. This will ensure the bra is the right size and fit

.There are various cup sizes which tell you how large or small the breasts are. Starting with a size A, the cup sizes are denoted by subsequent letters of the alphabet as the breast size increases. A size ‘A’ cup bra means the breast is on the smaller side.


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