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Friday, 27 May 2011

Beautiful Short Summer Hairstyle 2011

Beautiful Short Summer Hairstyle 2011

For those seeking individuality and style there are many hair cuts out there. It is  hair cuts to keep in mind that some hair cuts look differently on different facial shapes. There are a few different facial shapes. There are round faces, square faces, oval faces, long faces, and heart faces.For rounder faces it is important that you remember a few important things. Avoid short, curly hair        

Hair cuts that are all one length typically emphasize on the roundness of your face.Larger women are not the only ones with round faces. The gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones has a round face as does Kate Bosworth. Also, if you have a round face you FINALLY have something in common with Oprah! A-lined hair styles that goes all the way to beneath your chin typicallycurly hair. Soft layers are amazing and make you look less round. Tapered ends are fantastic for this type of face shape too.More square faces have a lot of options, too

. Get your hair textured with choppy ends or even curls. It is also possible to have spiky cuts (See: Kate Gosselin) and long layered hair too. If you decide to get your longer cut maybe start with layering from the jawline down. That will spruce up your do and bring something new without chopping all of your hair off. Don’t feel alone about your facial shape as many beautiful celebrities have it too. Angelina Jolie has a square facial shape and you are just as beautiful as she is! Hair cuts to avoid would be bobs that are of one length and bangs that are bluntly cut.


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