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Thursday, 5 May 2011

2011 Hairstyle ideas

2011 Hairstyle ideas

2011 Hairstyle ideasFor this same reason, many people who do not have their hair straight are spending many hours and dollars to get their hair straightened. So, if you have straight hair, you should be grateful about having it and use your imagination to select the best straight hairstyle that would suit your face, your hair’s texture and volume.

2011 Hairstyle ideas

There are styles to suit the long straight-haired persons, but maintaining such long lengths on the straight hair could be quite difficult and would drive the individual, and also the hairstylist sometimes, to frustration. It is always suggested that straight-haired people should go in for short or medium length styles. If it is long, make the cut around the shoulders and if you find it difficult to maintain even this shoulder length cut, you can go for a versatile cut, in which the hair is made thick at the top and thin near the bottom. The hair is generally coarse and to make things easier, aside form using conditioners and creams, layers are styled in to give a textured look.
The hair is definitely not going to stay curled up or sway up, so, it is better not to strain yourself with those processes. But, there is no harm in trying out a few of this nature, if it is going to be for a single evening or a one-time occasion.

2011 Hairstyle ideas
You can also try the dimensional cut with parting that can be done either way, or simply in the center. Once the hair is set with hot blowers and gel, the maintenance is easy, and one can do that simply by running their fingers through the hair, delicately and periodically. This act itself is attractive in its own way. For added effects, the ends can be cut to exotic shapes or sliced with a razor in a crispy slanted fashion.


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